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After the laser light generated by the lamp-pumped fiber transmission laser is transmitted to the laser welding head through the fiber, the laser energy is focused on the surface of the workpiece to form a molten pool to melt the material to achieve welding. This series of lasers has the characteristics of stability, high efficiency, energy saving, safety and easy maintenance.
Application area
Product characteristics
Technical parameter
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■ Battery All-tab spot welding, sealing welding and battery module welding
■ Spot welding and sealing welding of home appliances and kitchen utensils
■ Precision spot welding and sealing welding of hardware components
■ Automotive parts welding
■ Pipe welding
■ Panel splicing welding
■ Welding of lamp filaments and accessories
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■ Stability: using negative energy feedback technology and unique beam mode selection and shaping technology
■ High efficiency: up to 30% photoelectric conversion efficiency
■ Energy saving: adopting advanced combined gold-plated reflective laser cavity technology
■ Safety: completing laser safety protection design and laser head anti-collision technology
■ Easy maintenance: adopting standard modular design, easy to maintain


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