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EFE-LQ-150/250/300/450/600/900/1200 /1500/1800/2000/2400

EFE-LQ-150/250/300/450/600/900/1200 /1500/1800/2000/2400

QCW fiber lasers can work in pulse and continuous (CW) modes, without moving parts or free-space lenses, and the resonator not requiring any adjustments, consumables, or maintenance. The photoelectric conversion efficiency is higher, and the power level can be quickly increased and decreased.
Application scope
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■ New energy battery welding
■ Welding of precision parts
■ Hardware welding
■ Auto parts welding
■ Pipe welding
■ Metal sheet splicing welding, stitch welding, penetration welding, etc.
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■ Pulse power/pulse energy is extremely stable
■ Beam parameters can be optimized according to application requirements
■ Electro-optical conversion efficiency >30%
■ Integrated pulse generator and pulse shaping unit
■ Continuous and pulse mode
■ Perfect beam quality
■ High peak power, capable of processing high reflective materials such as aluminum and aluminum


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