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LD semiconductor series lasers have higher electro-optical conversion efficiency and more compact volume than fiber lasers. The laser is output through a conductive fiber, which is suitable for use with automation equipment to realize flexible laser processing. Suitable for metal sheet welding, laser cladding, brazing and surface heat treatment applications.
Application scope
Product characteristics
Technical parameter
Sample display
Application video
■ Metal sheet welding
■ Home appliances and kitchenware welding
■ Hardware welding
■ Metal sheet welding
■ Auto parts welding
■ Welding of lamp filament and accessories
■ Medical equipment and parts welding
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■ Pulse, continuous dual mode
■ The speed of light energy is evenly distributed, and the photoelectric conversion efficiency is as high as 30%
■ High reliability, long service life, low power consumption
■ Adopt low voltage constant current power supply mode, low power failure rate, safe use and low maintenance cost


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