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Widely used in industries such as new energy batteries, home appliances, kitchens and bathrooms, mechanical hardware, plates, pipes, auto parts, new light sources, etc.
Application scope
Product characteristics
Technical parameter
Sample display
Application video
■ New energy battery
■ Home appliances, kitchen and bathroom
■ Mechanical hardware
■ Sheet
■ Pipe
■ Auto parts
■ New light source
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■ High flexibility: Highly flexible automatic welding system, through the special welding control software to edit the welding trajectory by itself, support square, circular, polyline and other trajectories.
■ Intelligence: The welding position and track are corrected through the automatic positioning system to ensure welding reliability. The welding focal length is adjusted through the automatic focusing system to ensure welding consistency.
■ Standardization: System standardization design, can work independently or dock with automated production lines according to needs.
■ Informationization: The equipment has reserved industrial communication interfaces, which is easy to realize remote monitoring and management, and can be connected to the MES system to realize the comprehensive traceability of product information.


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