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Daily notes on laser welding equipment

1. The laser system of the laser equipment uses water cooling, and the laser power supply uses wind cooling. If the cooling system fails, please do not start the work.
2. The circulating cooling water of the laser equipment is deionized water (distilled water is the best). It is changed every two months in summer and once every three months in autumn and winter and spring.
3. Pay attention to keeping the working room clean, including hygiene, temperature, humidity, and regular inspection of optical devices.
4. Remember not to face the YAG laser with your eyes when the machine is working to avoid laser damage. Wear laser protective glasses when working.
5. When the machine is working, the circuit is in a state of high voltage and large current. Non-professionals are not allowed to maintain and repair when starting up to avoid electric shock. The power supply and laser should be well grounded.
6. When the machine is not working, it should be shut down, power off and water off in time, and the hood should be sealed to prevent dust from entering the laser and optical system.
7. In addition to adjusting the output energy of the laser and the optical path of the whole machine, the power supply should be cut off for troubleshooting.
8. If the equipment fails, such as water leakage, arcing, insurance, abnormal sound of the laser, etc., the power supply should be cut off immediately.
9. When the over-voltage and over-current indicator lights, it should be shut down immediately.
10. Laser equipment shall not be disassembled at will, and professional personnel shall be notified of major failures to solve.
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