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Daily maintenance

The laser welding machine is a precise equipment, and maintenance must be careful to ensure the normal operation of the equipment and extend the service life.
  • Cleaning of equipment

         1. The equipment must be cleaned and cleaned before and after use to keep it dry to ensure that there is no debris on the equipment and the lenses must be kept clean.

         2. Regularly check the laser power supply and electric cabinet. If the electrical components are aging, please replace them.
  • Maintenance of the cooling system
         1. Regularly check the cooling water quality, even if new water is replaced. Check the amount of water in the water tank, even if it is added. It is recommended to use deionized or purified water.
         2. Regularly check for leaks at the waterway interface and stop leaks in time. When the xenon lamp and laser rod are leaking from the cavity, check whether the rubber sealing ring is deformed and aging, and                 replace it in time.
  • Maintenance of laser light path
          If dust enters the system optical path of the equipment, it will affect the welding quality. When cleaning the lens, please wipe the lens with lens paper or alcohol. Do not use too much force when wiping to                  avoid scratching the lens.

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