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21 Series Cylindrical Tabless Cell Mass Production Equipment-Table Rotary Arrangement

21 Series Cylindrical Tabless Cell Mass Production Equipment-Table Rotary Arrangement

It is designed for mass producing cylindrical tabless batteries like the 18650, 21700, and 26650 models, as well as upgrading traditional cylindrical battery production lines. It integrates innovative vertical kneading and precise welding technologies, along with a high-speed rotary table mechanism for efficient manufacturing. The equipment offers flexibility in production and supports both pulse and continuous laser welding processes, ensuring standardized manufacturing with short delivery times.
Application scope
Product characteristics
Technical parameters

Mass production of 18650/ 21700/ 26650 mode cylindrical tabless batteries

Modification and upgrading of traditional small cylindrical batteries production line

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1.Innovative Technologies

The product integrates vertical kneading, multi-workstation current collector precision welding, high-speed rotary table workstation switching, and advanced integrated production line intelligent collaborative production technology. These ensure comprehensive support for the core manufacturing process and equipment production efficiency of cylindrical tabless cells.

2.Simple Conveying Mechanism

The rotary table mode conveying mechanism layout is straightforward, with cells conveyed vertically in an intermittent manner. This mature technology operates smoothly, utilizing DD motors to drive the rotary table. It also employs fixture go-along conveying technology and flexible tooling technology to ensure precise repetitive positioning.

3.Flexible Production Capability

The product offers flexible production capability without specific requirements for cell structure design. It provides options for pulse laser or continuous laser welding processes for standard manufacturing, resulting in a short overall product delivery period.


Main parameters

Product  mode



Product characteristics

Parallel arrangement

Table rotary transmission

Mechanical sealing

Production capability*

120/ 240/ 360 PPM, approximately 0.74/ 1.48/ 2.22GWh/ year( calculated by single cell 4.5Ah)

Occupying area (Including supporting system)

Length 84m×width 9/ 22/ 34m

* Annual production capacity refers to single cell nominal voltage 3.8V, produce for 20 hours daily with 300 days approximately



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