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32/40 Series Cylindrical Tabless Cell Mass Production Equipment- Parallel Arrangement

32/40 Series Cylindrical Tabless Cell Mass Production Equipment- Parallel Arrangement

It enables efficient mass production of cylindrical tabless batteries with a soft connection double pass structure in the 32/34/40 series diameter range. It features a parallel arrangement for flexible production, horizontal intermittent cell conveying for precision and flexibility, high integration of process procedures, and optimized fixture usage for cost-effective manufacturing. These qualities, combined with mature technology and innovative design, ensure rapid market penetration and delivery efficiency.
Application scope
Product characteristics
Technical parameters

Large batch mass production for cylindrical tabless battery of soft connection double pass structure with the diameter of 32/34/40 series.

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1.Parallel Arrangement for Flexible Production  

The product adopts a parallel arrangement, allowing easy reconfiguration of the entire production line. This facilitates equipment upgrades and process adjustments, enhancing scalability. Combined with magnetic levitation and other conveying technologies, it supports efficiency upgrades.


2.Horizontal Intermittent Conveying Mode

The product's process procedure employs horizontal intermittent conveying for cells, preventing power loss due to gravity and surface

deformation. This maintains high positioning accuracy and flexibility.


3.High Integration of Process Procedure

The product integrates various equipment units such as kneading and taping machines, can-insertion machines, and welding machines.

This facilitates layout and production management.


4.Optimized Fixture Usage  

With few product fixtures and flexible production capabilities, combined with digital control, the processing is continuously optimized. This

ensures high workpiece consistency and yield rates, reducing costs and increasing efficiency for enterprises.


5.High Market Occupancy Rate  

Backed by mature technology and innovative design, the product enjoys a high market occupancy rate. This ensures smooth production

capacity implementation with short delivery periods, establishing a rapid market advantage.



Product mode



Product characteristics

Linear arrangement

Flexible cam mode conveying

Laser sealing

Production capability

150 PPM, approximately 3.3GWh/year(calculated by single cell 16Ah)

Occupying area(including supporting system)

Main section of process procedure: Length 100m * width 22m; rear section: length 23m * width 12m


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