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46 Series Cylindrical Tabless Cell Mass Production Equipment-Magnetic Levitation Mode

46 Series Cylindrical Tabless Cell Mass Production Equipment-Magnetic Levitation Mode

It features a parallel arrangement for flexible production capacity, allowing convenient equipment upgrades and process adjustments. Compatible with various forming processes, it utilizes magnetic levitation conveying to optimize production quality and efficiency. Through laser welding sealing technology, it achieves high welding efficiency and sealing performance, enhancing cell power density.
Application scope
Product characteristics
Technical parameters

46 series steel can of laser welding sealing

Mass production of aluminium can cylindrical tabless cell

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1.Flexible Production Capacity

The product adopts parallel arrangement, which can realize the whole line reconfigurable production capacity, therefore the equipment upgrade and 

process route adjustment can be carried out conveniently, and the scalability is high.


2.Optimized Forming Process

The product is compatible with kneading/ cutting and bending tabless forming process. Its main process adopts magnetic levitation conveying mode,

and combines with the characteristics of each main process, reasonably utilizing the intermittent conveying of cell in form of horizontal or vertical mode.

It realizes the balance and optimization of the production quality and efficiency of the whole production line, and maintain high speed, high positioning

accuracy and flexibility.


3.Advanced Laser Welding Sealing

It adopts laser welding sealing process, and welds the positive and negative electrode cover panel to the can through laser, and seals it. It realizes the

dynamic and balanced welding for multiple workstation with high speed through wobble welding and welding focal length real time compensation

technology. Therefore, the welding efficiency is high, sealing performance can pass 1*10-13Pa·m3 accuracy helium test, and the utilization rate of the cell

is high, which is conductive for elevating the power density of cell.


4.Optimized Tooling and Production Control

The number of product tooling fixture is rather small, and it adopts flexible production capability+full digital control, which is conductive for continues

optimization, meanwhile the production line has high tolerance for the consistency difference for work piece, with high production qualification rate.

Product model




Product characteristics

Parallel arrangement

Magnetic levitation mode conveying

Laser sealing

Parallel arrangement

Magnetic levitation mode conveying

Laser sealing

Production capability

180PPM, approximately 6.4 GWh/ year( calculated on the basis of single cell 26Ah)

360 PPM, approximately 12.8GWh/ year ( calculated on the basis of single cell 26 Ah)

Floor space ( including supporting system)

Main process section: length 70m* width 10m, rear section: length 25 m* width 11m

Main process section: length 70m*width 24m; rear section: length 35m* width 26m



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