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Cylindrical Battery Module Mass Production Equipment

Cylindrical Battery Module Mass Production Equipment

Mass producing cylindrical battery modules with full-pole ears involves comprehensive detection and control, ensuring quality at every stage from incoming materials to outgoing inspection. Innovative technologies such as visual trajectory detection and adaptive welding pressure reduce reliance on laser power, while bus control technology enables efficient information exchange among production line equipment, ensuring reliability and scalability.
Application scope
Product characteristics
Technical parameters

Mass production of cylindrical tabless battery modules of various specifications.

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1. Comprehensive Process Monitoring and Control

Full-process detection and control, including incoming material status detection, force-position detection, welding quality inspection, electrical 

performance testing, seal testing, outgoing inspection, and monitoring of custom process parameters, with feedback processing.


2. Advanced Technologies for Flexible Busbar Welding

Utilizing visual trajectory detection, laser sensor height detection, dynamic correction of laser focal length, and adaptive welding pressure technology 

to achieve high flexibility and compatibility in busbar welding for battery modules, effectively reducing the system's demand for laser power.


3. Enhanced Information Exchange with Bus Control Technology

Achieving information exchange among production line equipment and components through bus control technology, ensuring the reliability and 

scalability of the control system.


               Product  mode


Product characteristics

Cylindrical battery module

Production capability


Occupying area(Including supporting system)

length 70m* width 80m


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