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Pouch Battery Module Mass Production Equipment

Pouch Battery Module Mass Production Equipment

It employs advanced monitoring and control techniques for quality assurance. This includes comprehensive process oversight, precise film processing, and alignment-assured cell stacking. Enhanced laser welding technology ensures high-quality welds with reduced power needs. Information exchange among equipment is optimized through bus control technology, ensuring reliability and scalability.
Application scope
Product characteristics
Technical parameters

Automated and large-scale production of pouch battery modules of various specifications.

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1. Comprehensive Process Monitoring and Control

Comprehensive process monitoring and control, including detection of incoming material status, force-position dynamics, welding quality, 

electrical performance, seal integrity, outgoing inspection, and monitoring of custom process parameters, with feedback processing.


2. Advanced Film Processing and Cutting

Aluminum-plastic film undergoes three bending processes and is heat-shaped. The mechanism facilitates convenient mold switching, and 

servo-controlled ear cutting ensures precise dimensions, with burr size ≤0.05mm after cutting.


3. Precision Cell Stacking with Alignment Assurance

Stacking stations for module assembly feature side shaping mechanisms to prevent cell misalignment. Combined with contour detection sensors, 

they ensure alignment accuracy during cell stacking.


4. Enhanced Laser Welding Technology

Laser welding processes for external frames and pole ears employ adaptive welding pressure technology, significantly improving welding quality 

while reducing laser power requirements.


5. Enhanced Information Exchange with Bus Control Technology

Achieving information exchange among production line equipment and components through bus control technology, ensuring the reliability and 

scalability of the control system.




 Product mode


Product characteristics

Pouch battery module

Production capability


Occupying area(Including supporting system)

length 86m* width 7m


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