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Battery Pack Mass Production Equipment - Continuous Type

Battery Pack Mass Production Equipment - Continuous Type

It facilitates semi-automatic production of cylindrical, square, and pouch power and energy storage packs. Its System features include a cost-effective approach to PACK assembly production, integration of electronic SOP for real-time process monitoring, comprehensive smart detection capabilities, efficient heavy-duty handling, and prioritization of safety in production operations.
Application scope
Product characteristics
Technical parameters

Semi-automatic production of various cylindrical, square, and pouch power and energy storage packs.

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1. Cost-Effective PACK Assembly with Flexible Production

Low-cost solution for PACK assembly production, combining linear logistics lines with manual operations for high production flexibility.


2. Electronic SOP

Integrated electronic SOP function, providing real-time display of process data, production orders, and equipment status information.


3. Smart Detection

Covering sorting tests, withstand voltage tests, EOL tests, air tightness tests, charge-discharge tests, etc., with information exchange

between production line equipment and components facilitated by bus control technology, ensuring the reliability and scalability of the

control system.


4. Heavy-duty Handling

Integrating KBK, industrial robots, assist arms, and other heavy-duty handling equipment for efficient and reliable operations.


5. Safety in Production

Adopting insulation, anti-fall, and other safety production technologies to ensure the safety of manual and equipment operations.

    Product mode



Product characteristics


 Roller line



Production capability


Occupying area(Including supporting system)

length 62m * width 10m



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