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Retired Power Battery Reconfiguration and Recycled Production Equipment

Retired Power Battery Reconfiguration and Recycled Production Equipment

The Retired Power Battery Reassembly Equipment automates the testing, disassembly, and reassembly of retired batteries for reuse. It ensures safety, flexibility, and efficiency through rigorous monitoring, modular design, and advanced cleaning technology. Integrated management systems provide comprehensive data for optimized control.
Application scope
Product characteristics
Technical parameters

Automated testing, disassembly, and reassembly of retired power batteries for cascaded utilization.

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1. Safety in Production

Online detection of battery appearance and specifications, multi-stage sorting and grouping of retired individual battery cells,

combined with digital online detection technology, strict control over the consistency of reassembled batteries, rigorous process

control, integration of temperature monitoring and insulation protection, and automation of key processes, ensuring safety for both

personnel and equipment operations.


2. Flexible Production

Utilizing reconfigurable unit and component modular design, combined with intelligent flexible logistics systems, enabling rapid layout

and agile transformation of production lines on-site, effectively enhancing product scalability. Combines with workpiece identification

technology, flexible fixture technology, etc., to maximize equipment compatibility and mixed-line production capabilities.


3. Battery Cleaning

Adopting advanced laser cleaning technology to efficiently remove residues such as film and paint from battery surfaces.


4. Intelligent Management

Utilizing MES-based information manufacturing systems to achieve traceable production information for reassembled batteries, providing

intelligent production foundations for enterprise production management and process optimization.


         Product mode



Product characteristics

Retired power battery

Module disassembly

Module pack reprocessing

Production capability


Occupying area(Including supporting system)

length 60m* width 14m


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