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Prismatic Cell Mass Production Equipment - Double-Sided Tabless Stacking Type

Prismatic Cell Mass Production Equipment - Double-Sided Tabless Stacking Type

This equipment facilitates high-volume production of rectangular cells using butterfly welding technology. It offers precise hot pressing with a dual-actuator design and ceramic-coated plates to prevent pole sticking. Real-time monitoring and automatic adjustment ensure consistent quality, complemented by advanced welding protection and seal pin welding technology for efficient and reliable results.
Application scope
Product characteristics
Technical parameters

Batch production of stacked double-sided tabless rectangular cells with thickness ranging from 20 to 80mm, 

width from 150 to 220mm, and height from 60 to 220mm. Representative models include: 21115103, 2614891, 

4422197, 54174201, 3322102, 27147117, etc.

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1. Dual-Actuator Hot Pressing

The hot pressing process adopts a dual-actuator design, ensuring high efficiency and precision. The surface of the hot pressing plate is coated with a ceramic composite 

and equipped with vacuum breaking technology to prevent pole sticking.


2. Flexible Tab Welding

The tab welding process employs a floating pressure mechanism for flexible clamping, preventing damage to the cover. The welding protection plate supports automatic 

replacement and utilizes circular spot welding with diverse trajectories, ensuring stable and reliable welding quality.


3. Real-Time Shell Insertion Monitoring

Real-time monitoring, automatic adjustment, calibration, and recording of shell insertion pressure prevent overpressure, rebound, and damage to workpieces. A fully sealed 

dust removal chamber is employed to safeguard shell insertion quality from all angles.


4. Cover Welding with Autonomous Protection

The cover welding is equipped with a welding protection device featuring autonomous replacement functionality. Welding parameters are automatically measured and 

calibrated. A turbo-type dust suction device and circular spot welding ensure efficient and high-quality welding.


5. Pulse Laser Seal Pin Welding

Seal pin welding utilizes a self-developed pulse laser with stable output power. Seal pins do not deform during spot welding and full welding processes. Real-time monitoring 

of coaxial dust removal and 3D visual inspection functions are implemented to ensure welding quality.

Product model




Product characteristics

Parallel arrangement

Stacked pole assembly

Double-sided tabless

Parallel arrangement

Stacked pole assembly

Double-sided tabless

Production capability



Floor space ( including supporting system)

Main process section: length 36m*width 7m; rear section: length 6m* width 6m

Main process section: length 36m*width 10m; rear section: length 6m* width 6m


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