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Multi-Functional Laser Welding Station

Multi-Functional Laser Welding Station

It automates precise welding and assembly for small products across various industries, ensuring high precision and efficiency with controlled heat impact and deformation. It efficiently produces components like impellers, sensors, and gear shafts.
Application area
System characteristics
Technical parameters

Automated assembly and precision laser welding of various small products in industries such as new energy batteries, household appliances,

mechanical hardware, sheet metal, pipes, and automotive components, including impellers, sensors, and gear shafts.

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1. High Precision Welding

Precisely controls welding depth, position, and direction to minimize heat-affected zones and deformation.


2. Efficient Production

Combines automated feeding and assembly with high-efficiency precision laser welding for automated workpiece production.


3. Versatility

The laser welding station can utilize different laser heads and control systems to accommodate diverse welding requirements.

 Product model


 Product characteristics

Integrated automatic feeding, assembly, and laser welding

Production capacity

Depending on the type and size of the workpiece

Floor space( includes supporting system)

Approximately length: 5m*width 2m


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