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Laser Marking Machine Series

Laser Marking Machine Series

It excels in marking and engraving various materials with precise control and efficient production capabilities, supported by durable components for industrial reliability.
Application area
System characteristics
Technical parameters

Marking and engraving on various materials such as metal, plastic, glass, ceramics, paper, and leather.

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1. Precision Laser Marking with High Focusing Capability

Utilizing laser beams for marking, featuring high focusing capability to precisely control marking depth and position,

achieving high-precision patterns and text markings.


2. Non-Contact Marking for High-Speed Production

Adopting non-contact marking, eliminating the need for physical contact, enabling high-speed and efficient production

and processing, thereby improving productivity and reducing costs.


3. Digital Control System for Operational Ease and Flexibility

Incorporating a digital control system for ease of operation and strong flexibility, supporting multiple marking modes

and parameter settings to meet diverse production needs.


4. High-Quality Lasers and Optics for Longevity and Stability

Equipped with high-quality lasers and optical components, offering long lifespan, high stability,

and low maintenance costs, suitable for various complex working environments.

Product model


Motion Axis Travel







Main Parameters

·  Defocusing Deviation ≤ ±0.1mm

·  Laser Wavelength: 1064nm

·  Laser Power: 20/50W (optional)

·  Power Supply: AC220±10%/50Hz

·  Minimum Spot Diameter: 0.01mm

·  Repeat Accuracy: ±0.001

·  Galvanometer Scan Speed: 0-12000mm/s

·  Beam Quality M2 < 1.8

·  Marking Area: 110mm x 110mm

·  Minimum Line Width: 0.01mm

·  Minimum Character: 0.2mm

·  Built-in Air Cooling

Mechanical Positioning Accuracy


Power Consumption

0.2 kW


650mm x 500mm x 1250mm





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