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Laser Cleaning Machine

Laser Cleaning Machine

The Laser Cleaning Machine effectively removes rust, oxide films, and contaminants from surfaces like electrode sheets, separators, and pole surfaces without chemical agents or physical tools. It ensures precise cleaning with adjustable parameters for various surface types, offering high efficiency, low maintenance costs, and environmental safety.
Application area
System characteristics
Technical parameters

Cleaning and restoration of rust, oxide films, and other contaminants on electrode sheets, separators, pole surfaces, shell films, and various general workpieces.

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1. Chemical-Free Laser Surface Cleaning

Using laser beams for surface cleaning without chemical cleaners or physical tools, efficiently removing stains, oil, oxide layers, coatings, rust,

and other substances in an environmentally friendly and safe manner.


2. Precision Control for Surface Protection

Precisely controls the laser beam's focus and cleaning depth, adaptable to surfaces of different types, shapes, and sizes, thereby avoiding scratches

and damage caused by mechanical cleaning.


3. Flexible Operation with Adjustable Parameters

Simple operation with adjustable laser energy, frequency, pulse width, and other parameters according to application requirements, ensuring high flexibility.


4. Cost-Effective and Efficient Performance

Long lifespan, low maintenance costs, and high efficiency contribute to increased productivity and cost reduction in related production processes.

Product model


Motion Axis Travel

X-axis 600mm

Y-axis 200mm

Z-axis 100mm



Main parameters

·  Laser Power: ≥100W

·  Cleaning Scan Range: ≥φ20mm

·  Laser Cleaning Depth: 0.05-0.1mm

·  Adjustable height range of laser emitter end

· The laser cleaning process includes dust suction function, with dust removal outlet airflow speed ≥10m/s.

Mechanical Positioning Accuracy


Power Consumption



800mm x 650mm x 1250mm




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